Girish Gupta

Girish’s curiosity, maverick mind and tenacious quest for truth have led him to science, journalism, computing and public policy. He relishes bringing disparate fields together and solving problems from first principles.

Girish is a published physicist, has twenty years of programming experience and his foreign reporting has been published by every major English-language news outlet—from Reuters to the New Yorker—across video, photography, audio and text.

He taught himself to code at eleven, writing software and building database-driven websites from scratch. A popular music website he created in his early teens was listed by MTV as one of the web’s top twenty sources.

In physics, which he studied at Cambridge and Manchester, his interests lie broadly on the theoretical end of the spectrum—spacetime, quantum mechanics and particles—though his Master’s project was a simulation of the heart to investigate atrial fibrillation.

As a reporter, Girish stood up to governments including that of Venezuela, demonstrating high-level corruption, exaggeration of electoral results and that the country's Chief Justice was arrested on suspicion of murder; multinationals including Glencore, linking the conglomerate to a paramilitary massacre in Colombia; as well as sloppy reporting, slow payments and unpaid work in his own industry.

He went beyond traditional media by bringing math and code to journalism, automating basic story-writing and creating software to provide live and historic data on Venezuela’s dire economy. He turned this into a global platform and has set up multiple companies.

Girish has lived and worked across the world, often in its most hostile environments. He spent eight years in Caracas—producing groundbreaking investigations, covering daily clashes and reporting on a major crisis—as well as time in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and India.

From Mumbai, he now leads data science at an Indian public policy non-profit, where he applies modern technology to issues including pollution, urban planning and criminal justice.

Girish loves bringing his skills together and learning new things, be it applying machine learning or game theory, keeping fit or expanding his repertoire on the piano and guitar.

Photo: Oil wells set ablaze by Islamic State before fleeing Qayyara, Iraq. January, 2017.